Shelly Sood

Entrepreneur  Mother Fighter


Shelly is working with Hollywood producers and screenwriters to bring to life a film adaptation of her upcoming book, entitled Untethered. The book is an in depth exploration of her struggles living with someone suffering from undiagnosed bipolar disorder, and how she overcame these challenges. She takes the reader on a path of education, understanding, and healing.

She’s interested in speaking with producers in radio, television, film, podcasts, and other media. Having experienced the harrowing impact of untreated mental illness in her own family, she seeks to speak with others who are going through similar ordeals. Shelly’s ultimate goal is to take her listeners and viewers on a journey to tell their stories one step at a time.

AVAILABILITY: Globally by arrangement. Based out of Glenview, Illinois; 30 minutes north of Chicago


Shelly Sood has shared her story with numerous media outlets, radio stations, and podcasts. 

Additionally, she’s spoken with experts on topics ranging from quantum healing to innovation in approaching health care issues such as COVID-19.

Please drop her a line, if you’d like to interview her, or be a guest on her podcast!

Shelly's Favorite Quote:

– Lao Tzu